Novilite - The Great Despoiler

  • The ripening of fruits, vegetables and flowers is caused by ethylene, a natural plant hormone.
  • It accelerates the ripening of perishables and causes them to deteriorate.
  • Novilite reduces the levels of ethylene and thereby significantly increases the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Reduces humidity and odors too!

   Novilite - AirNovo's Secret Ingredient
  • Novilite has a unique cellular makeup that gives it the power to absorb and desorb moisture, eliminate harmful gases and prevent cross contamination of perishables by eliminating odors.
  • Novilite meets USDA standards and is completely safe in all refrigerated environments.
  • The mineral is a perfect solution for Hotels, Restaurants, Florists and the home refrigerator.
  • Used in many countries the use of Novilite has saved millions of dollars by effectively controlling negative elements in all refrigerated environments.

   AirNovo Absorbs Excess Humidity From The Air
  • AirNovo filters contain a unique mineral which can absorb up to 48%of its weight in moisture
  • No mechanical parts, uses no electricity, non-toxic, works 24 hours a day

AirNovo Reduces Energy and Refrigerator Maintenance Costs

  • Compressor running times reduced
  • Drying out of refrigerator insulation naturally reduces temperature inside the Reach-In/Walk-In Cooler
  • Defrost cycles and icing on compressor coils reduced
  • Refrigerator runs more efficiently - Reduction in maintenance calls
  • Life expectancy of equipment is increased 
  • Extends shelf life of produce, meat, fish, poultry and flowers 

Drier Air Takes Less Energy To Cool

  • Reduces spoilage and shrinkage of food caused by excess humidity or dehydration
  • Natural juices and weight are maintained longer in fish, meat and poultry due to less vapor air pressure
  • FridgeRefresh System guarantees the ideal food storage conditions, colder and drier
  • Fewer airborne water molecules help eliminate odors and cross contamination of food
  • Panels are changed monthly